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Sabtu, 03 Maret 2018

Tradershub: The Right Place for the Traders

The world runs on the give and take policy and this policy has been followed for quite a time now. The focus here is about two things – the "need" and the "outcome". What are the needs and what is the best possible service that are handed over matching the requirement. The choices often get difficult and to find the best possible fit, gets even more complicated. Relating this to cryptoworld, problem is there are so many exchanges and cryptocurrencies. All the cryptos are not traded in all the exchanges which makes the life of trader much more difficult as it is difficult to manage the trading portfolio across the exchanges.
Tradershub is a place made by the "traders" for the "traders". All the exchanges in one single screen is what comes up at end.
Today, crypto trading has evolved and has become one of the most interesting way to invest money without any social barriers. Tradershub makes the usability available to everyone and serves the following:
  • Execution is just a click away
  • Trading charts
  • More than one screens
Tradershub look ahead with a big plan in mind and aims to change the whole game of present trading world. Also, with Tradershub there are solutions coming forward for keeping the safety issues aside, fill up the transparency gaps, and making things easier.
Objectives of Tradershub
The goals that traderhub aims to accomplish are:
  • Tradershub aims to build a trading platform that is very advanced. Also, to have a base which is more or less similar to the ones that the traders presently in the market.
  • For the cryptos, Tradershub aims to be the go-to ecosphere which will make trading much more efficient and easy.
  • To become a platform that is effective in terms of cost. Apart from that, it also ensures that the platform is easy to use for everyone who wishes to be a part of it.
  • Restore trust and increase adoption.
  • To bring a marketplace that will help in focusing on creating content and making trading feasible to one and all.
Exchanges in one screen: With the concept of multiple exchanges, access to markets directly become very easier. This would make accessing market data easy and will help in making connections almost 24*7.
Ghost Trading: All that one has to do is – "copy" and "follow" the instinct of the top leaders and performers of the trading world.
Liquidity and One-Click Ease: The token's liquidity can be viewed in a simplified manner and executing it with just a single click makes things a lot easier.
Paper Trading: A demo account for trading and brushing up the trading skills definitely works out. The demo account helps in testing various other strategies and exchanges.

Secured Wallet: The ultimate goal of Tradershub is to provide a safe goal and endless options with the help of which safety is ensured. The wallet is secured and a convenient way to conduct the processing of transactions.
Orders in Advance: The ALL exchange feature provides options with the help of which it becomes easy to get access to the trail losses.
Routing System: Convenient options available to make purchases at affordable price. Orders and their planning take place immediately and the execution happens instantly.
Tradershub has lots of advantages built in for the users. Some of which are:
  • Access to the crypto market which will allow making exchanges with the help of just a single account.
  • The portfolio remains updated and at one place.
  • The devices help seamlessly and allow to track and trade the performances anytime and anywhere.
  • Leverage with the use of capital that can be done by following top leaders and copying their tricks.
  • With rewarding system, tradershub monetizes the knowledge.
  • The UX used in the platform is very simple and smart with the access of which trading experience is streamlined.
  • Risk is minimum and the profit extracted serves the advantage to everyone involved.
  • Support system that serves a lending hand 24*7.
The Token Sale
The platform will use THT tokens to make payments during the token sale. The total number of THT tokens that are issues accounts to 83, 385, 000*.

The Soft Cap: 3,000 ETH.
The Hard Cap: 12000 ETH.
Tradershub open up a bunch of opportunities for all those who are in need of a better trading platform. It is surely revolutionary idea to bridge the gap between different exchanges. The only thing is to see here is how fast Tradershub can fulfil its promises and comes up with solution as promised.
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